How to Dramatically Boost Your Brain Boost Your Body

How to Dramatically Boost Your Brain Boost Your Body

Get Here Now | Create More Energy | Create More Time | Vibrant Health

This “Getting Here NOW” visualization is a great tool to use and harness your full body decision making power, your magnetic quality, your presence, your radiance.

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Dramatically Boost your Brain and Body















Dr Bruce Lipton who is author of the Biology of Belief states: “The conscious mind can also think forward and backward in time, while the subconscious mind is always operating in the present moment. When the conscious mind is busy daydreaming, creating future plans or reviewing past life experiences, the subconscious mind is always on duty, efficiently managing the behaviors required at the moment, without the need of conscious supervision.”

In summary, you have a choice at any time, best choice when you are present and can make full body decisions, versus scattered where your subconscious mind will default to how it functions. Please follow the exercise principles below to Get Here Now.

  1. Invite yourself to take a deep breath, visualize filling in your lungs completely with a deep breath, breathing in from your abdomen to your collar bones, and breathing out from your collar bones to abdomen.
  2. Close your eyes only if it possible and safe to do so
  3. Visualize the center of your head (intersection between eyebrows and back of head, and from the top of the right ear to the left ear).
  4. Call back your attention, life force and energy from the past into the center of your head. “I request that my attention and energy from  the past return to the center of my head”
  5. Call back your attention, life force and energy from the future into the center of your head. “I request that my attention and energy from  the future return to the center of my head”
  6. Feel and experience your presence. How does it feel?
  7. Visualize a tube of white light surrounding your body from the core and center of the earth that moves up through your legs and to your tailbone area, and visualize that light expanding to the front area which is your core, around 2 inches below the belly button.
  8. How do you Feel? Experience your Grounded energy
  9. Flutter your eyes open
  10. Bonus: Smile at your heart and know this is your presence, your power zone and over time, this has cumulative benefits. Your body will thank you!


Enjoy this exercise. Increase your Presence, Personal Power, make full body decisions and get Over Overwhelm in seconds with this very tool alone.

This will form a basis of many tips and techniques I will share more in the Eliminate Executive Stress and Maximize Results Coaching program.

Here is the exercise below from YouTube.


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MINED SALTS: Too much salt, not enough minerals.

INLAND SEA: De-structured unknown quantities and proportions.

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