How to Get Over Overwhelm in Just Minutes

How To Get Over Overwhelm in Just Minutes

What Exactly is Overwhelm?

Overwhelm is a state where you may feel a strong emotional effect towards something, swamped or submerged within an array of activities, emotions or a huge mass of something.

This can spiral into a Stress response of some sort on a mental, emotional or physical response.

Are you mentally going back and forth or experience a “pressure head”? Are you giving up before you start a project? Are you procrastinating on some level? Do you express emotion either in anger, rage, frustration or simply cry?

Do you forget to Breathe?

Can you health be improved?

Are your Energy Levels lower than normal or where you would love them to be?

Are you clear on your joy, purpose in life and are you being TRUE to yourself and your values?

Have you been struggling with work life balance for at least 5+ years?

Do you ever get a stiff neck? Do you feel tightness in the jaw? Does your blood seem to start boiling? Do you ever experience a subtle lower back pain? These are just some examples of some mental, emotional or physical responses experienced during overwhelm.

You see, everything is energy and how you manage your energy amongst everything in your environment will directly reflect your ability to manage and master the “overwhelm”.

If you don’t deal with the “overwhelm”, it has a ripple effect towards being a cause of a stress response.

Stress can lead into resentment, anger, rage and frustration of the items causing overwhelm in the first place. In particular if what is engulfing you is someone else’s priorities and projects being imposed unto you.

So, How do You Get Over Overwhelm?

Here is the Good news, you would not be experiencing ‘challenges’ or ‘opportunity’ at hand if you were not ready to receive it.

The higher the quality the questions you ask yourself demonstrate your Values and what is Important to You. You then have more of a perspective on how doing X, Y and Z is valuable to you.

The More Present You are, the More Clarity you have. A simple analogy is looking at the forest from above the trees, at a macro level versus from within the trees at the micro level or worse yet, consumed by the forest with no clear path forward and a fear of the unknown or feeling of powerlessness or giving up.

You become more able to discern what the benefits, “pay off” are by simply being able to define the cause of what is overwhelming you and aligning this to the mission at hand.

You have the Power to Empower yourself to make a change.

If you are not present, not clear on what you values are and what is important to you personally, then it is like being in more of a reactive mode versus proactive mode to get yourself out of the overwhelm to a structured, and prioritized notorious “to do” list. This is really when we get that ‘sinking’ drowning feeling of being overwhelmed.

What Simple Steps can You Take to Get Over Overwhelm?

I frequently use the enclosed worksheet to firstly acknowledge what is overwhelming me and prioritize my day and week to meet my personal goals and objectives with the bigger vision in mind.

The vision and mission can be as grand as you wish, provided it feels congruent with your value system as well as your truth.

I found that I had to increase my vision and mission as I used to achieve goals in a very short period of time, sometimes as soon as a few weeks to a few months and they were seemingly large goals and when I arrived at the end state, I simply had to re-create new goals and I started to figure out pretty quickly that my mission and vision needed to be way bigger than the goals at hand whether in work or personal life, as I have a long life to live and a lot to do! In fact, we are all her for a mission of some sort.

No one is Truer than you

Here are some key steps to Get Over Overwhelm which are in a FREE Report I share  on How To Get Overwhelm;

  1. Get Powerfully Present
  2. Get Over Overwhelm and document all that is on your mind in a Dump, Distraction, Delegation and Resolution Form and
  3. Prioritize with alignment of YOUR True Goals and Truth so You link the Pay-Off: The Prioritised Productivity Planner Form.

By creating a Prioritized “To Do” list that is in alignment with what you would truly love to Be, Do and Have will reflect what is important to you and naturally be an incentive for you.


After all, Today you are YOU. that is truer than True. There is No One Alive that is Youer Than You! ~ Dr Seuss


Get Over Overwhelm in MinutesHow Can You Do What You Love and Follow Your Bliss?

The more you bridge the links between what your skill, trade and background is with what you truly enjoy doing, what gives you your bliss, then it becomes a whole different perspective.

“We are here for gratitude and love, not happiness or sadness.” – Grand Master John Douglas

You can “Get Over Overwhelm” and get structured in your day so that the small steps you take have cumulative benefits, sustainability and longevity to help you Maximize Results on your personal journey. A lot of my clients literally tell me that after this process it “feels like they have taken a load off their shoulders”. I call it Fun Sheet, as frankly, makes me smile to know that I don’t have to take so much on board …

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I want you to know that there is an easier way.

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 If you’ve felt overwhelmed with inertia, what if this could be the spark to act on what’s naturally emerging for you.
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