How to Transform Your Stressings into Your Blessings

How to Transform Your Stressings into Your Blessings

So What is Stress anyway?

It is important to more clearly define stress. Stress is the inability to adapt to your ever-changing environment and the perception of and reaction to an event or stimuli that challenges you. It’s also a feedback mechanism to make you aware that your perception and emotional reaction is unbalanced and your expectations maybe unreal. The desire for that which is unobtainable and the desire to avoid that which is unavoidable is the source of your stress and suffering. Expecting to obtain a one-sided magnet is futile. The same for a one sided life.

Are you dealing with the Stress and Trauma of a transition or big change in your life?

Are you tired of feeling burnt out and overstressed, drained of energy, struggling with overwhelm?

Are you simply not getting the appreciation or feeling valued in your business or relationships that you know you deserve?

Are you a Single mother providing for everything on all levels from Financial, Emotional, Physical and Mentally for you and your child/children?

Have you experienced Success at the expense of your own personal happiness?

How much energy and presence do you have with your loved ones, honestly?

Do you have a Vision of You and what you would love to Be, Do and Have in your life for you and your family or children? It is absolutely possible and your Birth right!

What I want you to know is, that there is a better way to have More Energy, create More Time, Master the Overwhelm and have More Clarity, Inner Calm and Self-Acceptance and Love about what you really want in your life and for your children and it is also OK to make yourself a priority.

I want you to know, that there is an easier way!

My name is Aliky and I assist burnt out, overstressed corporate men, women and single mothers by guiding them through my 5 step transformative system to Master your Stress and Transform Stressings into Blessings. They can expect and will experience more energy, time and appreciation resulting in a vibrant, healthy and abundant lifestyle.

What if you had more insights into the cause of stress, and started mastering your stress versus being a victim of it?

Have you heard of the Ted Talk by Stanford Health Psychologist, Kelly McGonigal, “How to Make Stress Your Friend”?  Kelly first told her audience that a belief in the harmful effects of stress — and not stress itself — was a serious health risk. The Big idea is that when one is willing to accept that a change in their perception of stress rather than the elimination of it could save people from a premature death.

So How Do you Make Stress Your Friend?

From my personal experience, what I can share is that the simple truth is that;

What you think and thank about, you bring about.

When we are grateful and practice counting our blessings, we have more to be grateful for.

This is the way of the Grand Organized Design of what we call GOD or our Universe.

I would love to share a simple technique which helps you get Powerfully Present. This literally reels back in your energy from the past and future and from others, helping you to rediscover your true nature without the brain noise.

This “Getting Here NOW” visualization is a great tool to use and harness your full body decision making power, your magnetic quality, your presence, your radiance.

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You see, Dr Bruce Lipton who is author of the Biology of Belief states: “The conscious mind can also think forward and backward in time, while the subconscious mind is always operating in the present moment. When the conscious mind is busy daydreaming, creating future plans or reviewing past life experiences, the subconscious mind is always on duty, efficiently managing the behaviors required at the moment, without the need of conscious supervision.”

In summary, you have a choice at any time, best choice when you are present and can make full body decisions, versus scattered where your subconscious mind will default to how it functions. Sign up here to get your exercise to Get Powerfully Present and Get Here Now

Don’t be a Victim of your History or Situation – Be a Master of Your Destiny

Consider me your Personal Guide holding space for you on your personal journey to Master your Stressings and Transform Your Stressings into Blessings.

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You can Master your Stressings and Transform Stressings into Blessings. I have witnessed this countless times both with my clients and myself.

THE CLOCK IS TICKING….. your future transformed you is waiting for you!

To answer any of your questions personally, I’m offering FREE 20 minute complimentary chats for those who are interested in working with me.

In summary I share 3 Free Gifts for you which can all be used to Master Stress and truly begin to unfold how you can Transform Your Stressings into Blessings;

1.Get Powerfully Present

2.Get Over Overwhelm

3.Get into your Radiant Zone

The tools and techniques I share truly form a foundation for you and we can build upon these during our one on one time together in my 5 stage transformative system. Sign up to have a chat to me here.