Why you Want to Count Your Blessings

Why You Want To Count Your Blessings


Have you heard the saying, The More we are grateful, the more we have to be grateful for?

This is a profound statement.

It is literally a metaphor for our true nature and spending time with our essence, our spirit, our soul, the universe.

How do you come home to your Personal Space, Your Truth, Your Bliss, Your Sanctuary and Radiant Zone?

Focusing on one thing at a time develops our “focus” muscles. This enables you to reduce the Monkey Mind we experience in our daily and busy lives.

This is our Radiant Zone where we emanate, elevate and expand and feel lighter versus gravitate, contract and feel heavy and weighed down with stuff.

When we count our blessings from a place of authenticity, for what it is, as it is.

When we are Grateful, we have More to be grateful for. It is literally our sign to the universe that we see our gifts, our nature and receive more. This is our birth right as children of the Grand Organized Design.

Your Radiant Zone So How Do you experience Your Radiant Zone?

People can reject your projections, but they cannot reject your heart.  Your most Centered, Radiant, Poised and Powerful Zone.

My name is Aliky and I assist burnt out, overstressed corporate men, women and single mothers by guiding them through my 5 step transformative system to Master your Stress and Transform Stressings into Blessings. They can expect and will experience more energy, time and appreciation resulting in a vibrant, healthy and abundant lifestyle.

From my personal experience and having served many on their journey, when we embrace our authentic selves and find out way into our heart, by being Grateful, we become more Present, more Powerful, more Thankful from a genuine and authentic place that lessens the contraction and brings us back to who we are. From this Radiant Zone, we can actually wonder and receive ideas, expand our creativity. We can ask ourselves high quality questions from this place, receive answers and see where they lead us. The Creativity begins to soar. Learn to be in Wander from this place.

Your Heart knows.