How to Put yourself First No Matter What

“Do unto others what You would love done unto you” is a great philosophy.

Woman on MountainIt can express itself as an Altruistic trait or sway the other way towards Narcissism or can be balanced like Ying and Yang, Black and White, which are both key qualities required in business and life.



Do you often find yourself not being able to say No enough?

Do you want to please other people or rather, are subordinating to them?

Do you like to keep the peace and avoid conflict, again putting other’s values before yours?

I’d love to suggest a High quality question which can CHANGE everything in alignment with your Highest Path, if confronted with a few challenges or opportunities;
How Does This Serve Me?
When you honor yourself, you honor others.
When you honor your nature, nature conspires to honor you. It’s a direct reflection of your inner world meets outer world.

If you pause during a moment of overwhelm, fear, guilt and truly breathe into the high quality question, How Does This Serve Me?

You start to feel more aligned by pausing before reacting.

If you’re clear about your values and the hierarchy of your values, then you’ll start to align your actions with higher quality actions and questions with higher quality questions and thus your higher quality of life experience.
The Secret to Saying No and How to Put yourself first No matter are TWO fundamental Secrets to How A Small Consortium Of Women Executives Are Mastering Stress & Transmuting It Into Exponential Success & Extraordinary Efficiencies.
If this resonates with you and you’d like some more strategies to HONOUR YOUrself MORE, LOVE YOUrself MORE, then I’d love to invite you to schedule a FREE discovery session with me to discuss how I can support you and your mission.