Ocean Derived Minerals for Wellness, Beauty and Longevity


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Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, is the world’s largest coral reef system composed of over 2,900 individual reefs and 900 islands stretching for over 3,000 kilometers (1,600 mi) along the Queensland coast, thus making it the world’s biggest single structure made by living organisms. This is highly vibrant and full of energy and the source for the most vibrant Mineral Supplements.

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Minerals are vitally important for your health. We are made of minerals, they are not optional, but an essential part of our health and life. Similarly like clean food and water. Mineral Supplements are critical to our fast paced lifestyle. Ocean chemistry is the same as our chemistry and we are at least 70+% water.

Our bodies are water – in fact our plasma differs from ocean water by only one molecule. Every function in the body is a result of mineralization.  We are made of them, minerals are not optional and the minerals literally light you up and your beauty, glow, personal magnetism, aura and radiance is apparent externally more and more. With consistent use one starts to feel content, nourished, inside and out learn more here.

Did you know that Stress causes Acidity in the body which causes inflammation?
Minerals alkalize acids, therefore remove, lower or STOP acidity in the body.
Blue Ocean Minerals can benefit you in the following ways;

http://helpmyscores.com/?map10 – Increase YOUR energy

source – You will notice a significant improvement of DIGESTION and may naturally start to lose weight.

http://staffmyparty.com/?mapca1 – Expect to experience DEEPER REST and SLEEP.

http://vision8.com.au/?mapca1 – You will experience a CALMING influence in the NERVES AND BRAIN, as Minerals are an antidote for stresses, and if you are a meditator, you will experience sustained meditative states.

– You will feel HYDRATED from the inside and out, your skin starts to clear and your hair starts to flourish

Blue Ocean Minerals for Immunity and Busy People!


Minerals traditionally came in through our foods, long ago when our soils were robust; we took in an ample amount. The striking feature of our modern times is that there literally none in our soils and food chains and in us any longer, and severe depletions are ongoing. As our body chemistry wholly depends on the presence of minerals to function, we must have them and take them in everyday as a mineral food. Take Mineral Supplements to help yourself.

The secret of beauty is that everyone is already beautiful and we have a responsibility to our health, aura and glow. Everybody has magnetism and sparkle and the minerals helps bring this out to shine. This is accessible to everyone.

Depletion of minerals is a concern on a global basis, as there are less and few minerals in the soil now for growing our food and crops. You must have balanced minerals for your body to function properly, stay hydrated and promote beauty and longevity on several levels. Minerals orchestrate the delicate biochemistry of our bodies. The more stress people experience, the more minerals they use and become depleted. Reclaiming our self is possible via the Ocean derived Blue Ocean Minerals.

The Blue Ocean Minerals have all the minerals, releases the power of all the minerals and trace elements throughout your body everyday activating producing and supporting every process in your body. The Blue Ocean Minerals are a simple way to take your mineral supplements easily everyday.

“Minerals are absolutely essential to life on this planet, and the importance of minerals and trace elements in the functions of living organisms is without question, they must exist in relative balance in the fluids, cells, organs, and tissues of the body to contribute to human health. Recent research indicates that minerals and trace elements play a significant role against a variety of degenerative diseases and processes. They may also prevent and reduce injury from environmental pollutants and enhance the ability to work and learn.” Quote by Dr Alexander Schauss,       Ph. D, the world’s pre-eminent authority on minerals and nutrition.

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency”, Dr Linus Pauling, Nobel Prize Winner

Demineralization within the human population has been scientifically confirmed over the last 150 years to be intimately linked with poor health and disease. It is critical that one considers taking mineral supplements.

Demineralization, in this context, means not only the absence of major dietary minerals like calcium, magnesium, sulfur, iron and phosphorous; and trace minerals, such as zinc, selenium, manganese, and copper; but also toxins that have arisen from our environment like pesticides, herbicides and volatile organic compounds. Therefore it is imperative in our daily environment that we limit our body to toxic materials and rebuild a properly mineralized body.

Proper mineralization is key to creating a healthy immune system, so minerals can actually detoxify us. Consider taking mineral supplements.


Blue OM Dr Linus Quote


Ocean chemistry is the same as the chemistry in the body, thus maximum and optimal absorption is experienced. Things have to absorb in order to work and the body only recognizes whole synergistic clusters or whole foods. Ocean Derived Blue Ocean Minerals are whole. They are full spectrum, proportioned, absorbable and capacity to fulfill mineral depletion in whole cultures as well as individuals.

They work because of perfect symmetry because of ocean water and body chemistry which the body recognizes them. They classically work in the body, mobilizes every aspect of digestion and over 2000+ enzymes are produced in the liver. It is a matrix in the body and when minerals present, they will activate the production of over 2000+ enzymes. Absolutely essential for upper neural and brain function hence benefits like meditative states, more resilience to stress.

The mineral supplements provide a fluid electrolyte so that food extracts and nutrients travel easily between cells and cell systems and organs, support that whole network of nourishment and extract the most from food so we eat less and via electrolyte activity creates the passage to every cell in the body.

The mineral supplements only work if you take them. They are not optional, the key to success is to saturate our bodies with minerals everyday. Scientific, there are not many mineral rich foods available today, so minerals are essential for them to work. Consistent use is attributable to consistent benefits.

When you take the Blue Ocean Minerals mineral supplements, they literally go DIRECTLY to your CELLS, starting the DETOXIFICATION and PURIFICATION process, they NOURISH you from the inside out on several levels.

Enzymes are catalysts that allow proper digestion and absorption of food in addition to the proper metabolic function of our cells. This correlates directly to our vitality.

The Blue Ocean Minerals mineral supplements help you absorb what you require from the nutrition, whilst one starts to crave less, feel more balanced nutritionally and more hydrated which are natural effects of taking the minerals over a period of time.

The Blue Ocean Minerals mineral supplements are naturally digestible, complete and inclusive of ALL the natural minerals and ALL the natural trace elements (totaling 90+).  BlueOM® ocean-derived:  ALL you need,  when you need them.

They are Balanced: All of the minerals + trace elements that you need all in one place working together one with the other in natural balance.     Balance is critical to create harmonious distribution and interactions of minerals in your body.


Minerals alkalize acids, therefore remove, lower or STOP acidity in the body.

Homeostatic imbalances within the body generally occur due to our diet, dehydration and/or the quality of water we drink, if we have little or no exercise, our exposure to toxicity and ‘electro smog’ (EMF) and pollution, plus psychological stresses. These factors often lead to imbalances of water and blood sugar levels, hormonal levels and also our bodily pH levels.

Acidosis within the body is like a ‘descending spiral of stress’. Acidity causes inflammation. Inflammation causes pain. Pain causes stress. Stress causes acidity.

In fact, EVERY disease in the body actually turns the body even more acidic. Stress, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, high protein diets, excessive exercise and medication also create greater acidity levels within our bodies.

The Blue Ocean Minerals completely alkalize every cell. Acidic things cause inflammation, as you mineralize everyday, you build up a level of minerals in the cells that counteract acidic things that you may create in your mind or eat that gets released in your blood.
Having the minerals in full spectrum last for a while. It isn’t just about the blue or green algae, chia seeds, superherbs/foods. The magic is the Blue Ocean Minerals as they alkalize acids therefore remove or lower or stop inflammation.

The role of minerals helps to create and facilitate a proper balance of alkalinity and acidity within the body. We can carefully assist the body in achieving proper per hydrogen (pH) levels by thoughtfully choosing the foods we consume.

The body needs both acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods to maintain a proper balance.



There are five minerals that lend themselves to creating a more perfect physical appearance: magnesium, silicon, sulfur, zinc, and iron.

Magnesium opens up the 300+ detox pathways in the body. Magnesium sulfate, otherwise known as Epsom salts are also amazing, when soaking in a bath assists open up the body’s detox pathways and enable the body to release toxins right from the bone marrow. Magnesium also helps promote a glow when mixed with baking soda/powder and sea salt (also rich in minerals).

Magnesium has many benefits like calming nerves, relieving PMS symptoms, decrease irritability, aiding in digestion and acting as a laxative, vital in proper heart functioning and more..

Silcon is also a beauty promoting mineral, allows for flexibility and elasticity in our muscles and tissues and the amount of silicon in the collagen of our skin decreases as we age.

Sulfur is also a foundational mineral of all beauty. Adequate intake is key in creating beautiful hair, nails, and skin. It has the ability to create a soft glow in the consumer. Sulfur is helpful for making our nails, hair, and skin shine with radiance.  It is also a powerful detoxifier, which helps relieves pain and inflammation by assisting the detoxification process of our cells.

Zinc is key to help the body maintain its collagen supply which is essential for a healthy skin complexion and the body’s tissue to remain juicy. Zinc helps reduce the outward signs of aging, the prevention of wrinkles and stretch marks and more ..

Iron produces a soft glowing tint of beauty which is visible just beneath the skin. Iron rich blood carries oxygen throughout the body. Iron is an essential protein component for metabolism.

Our manufacturing is all TGA compliant 100%, and Blue Ocean Minerals have trans-dermal absorption:

Ocean-derived Blue Ocean Minerals are most unique in the world of minerals. Blue Ocean is 100% ionic by Nature and therefore 100% absorbable naturally by the body. They are full-spectrum, which describes scientifically a remarkable dual-quality. Blue Ocean has all the true full-spectrum of minerals that exist in perfect symmetry and proportions each one with the other, and therefore all of the minerals are available to us and importantly- in exactly the proportions that we need. If you arbitrarily  pump up the magnesium, and if that really absorbs, how then do we balance the potassium and the dozens of other minerals?

Nature’s know how much is enough as she found ocean water to be the perfect medium to create the spark of life in. Blue Ocean Minerals holds this life charge, and especially the electrolytes present transfers this life charge to your body.  Trans-dermally as well as internally, the induction of these minerals into your body presents an instant recharge, homeostatic balance, and all the minerals in play to empower every internal function to their highest performance and degree.


ENERGY, ENDURANCE & STRENGTH: Increase in energy and strength and increase in maximum endurance and athletic performance.

PURIFICATION: Detoxification and Purification is also enabled with daily replenishment of whole minerals. They provide your body with the requisite support that it needs for the natural release of toxic accumulations from environmental poisons and food additives. They activate digestion and improve elimination.

ENZYME PRODUCTION: The Ocean Minerals support your daily enzyme production with 90+ full-spectrum minerals and trace elements essential for interfacing in over 2000 natural enzymatic processes and productions in your body.

IMMUNITY & ELECTROLYTES: These Great Barrier Reef Minerals can provide a cumulative and powerful boost to the immune system and contains powerful electrolyte levels. They are naturally super-charged as ionic electrolytes and will maintain high electrolyte levels in the human body-vital for cellular activities and easier exchange of nutrients. Significant improvement of digestion and increase in metabolism.

REDUCTION OF STRESS: Calming influence in the nerves and brain, antidote for stresses, sustained meditative states. When you mineralize properly, more fulfilled health and directly correlated to happiness. Amazing benefits for meditation and quality of meditation due to nerve and nervous system nourishment and the vibrance of the minerals.


Ocean Minerals have a POWERFUL ALKALIZING EFFECT, balancing the PH in your body and blood due to its concentration and mineral saturation. Science recognizes that ocean water is one of the most naturally alkalizing substances on Earth for good health. Daily intake can support deeper restful sleep.

HEART: The presence of high quality magnesium in the matrix of our minerals is known to be powerful heart nourishment and harmonizes the heart’s function.

REPRODUCTION: Minerals taken daily can properly saturate the system and may improve or enhance reproductive functions and health of reproductive tissues.

PREGNANCY/CHILDREN: Amazing for pregnant women and brain development for babies both during and after pregnancy especially if breast feeding.




Blue Ocean Minerals® mineral supplements is a highly concentrated ocean-derived mineral solution, with very low sodium

Appearance:  Highly concentrated light amber color liquid

Dosage: Daily dose between 1 and 2 teaspoons a day  (5-10ml)

Bottle size: Blue Ocean Minerals® is offered on 8 Fl. oz  (237 ml), enviro-friendly bottle.

The Blue Ocean Minerals mineral supplements are FDA certified for purity, authenticity and safety. We Blue Ocean Minerals are licensed to take minerals from the Barrier Reef and no negative impact.

Blue Ocean Minerals are fine with pregnant women, babies and nursing mothers. You may put 1-2 drops in the formula or if pregnant dose as usual as an adult. You and your baby will have fine and powerfully developed brains and nervous systems. I know this first hand as was pregnant when filming the above video and I was hydrated during and post partum, I didn’t lose my hair like most women post partum do with normalising levels of estrogen and I snapped back to my pre pregnancy weight within 13 weeks and pretty much tone also.

There is No Comparison

MINED SALTS: Too much salt, not enough minerals.

INLAND SEA: De-structured unknown quantities and proportions.

COLLOIDALS-CLAY: Molecules too large to pass through cell membranes

SEA PLASMA: Too much salt, not enough minerals.

TERRESTIAL-PLANT MINERALS: Not full-spectrum as ocean sourced minerals are

ISOLATES: Imbalance and questionable absorption.

Our bodies are water – in fact our plasma differs from ocean water by only one molecule.

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