Easy Meditation Principles

Learn How to Meditate using 3 Easy Meditation Steps

Learn How to Meditate in 3 Easy Steps


learn how to meditate in 3 easy steps

Learn how to meditate with Three key meditation principles.  Techniques are discussed for optimum results and a sense of being grounded both during and after meditation. We are well aware of how to exercise the physical body, how about taking the time to nourish and exercise, and stretch, relax the mind. Learn How to Meditate. Meditation can also be a form of japa by closing your eyes and sit in silence and do japa on any divine name. The power immediately follows.Three main principles are reviewed and will ultimately achieve sustainability and longevity in your energy body.


 1.Breath, Pranayama and techniques; Prāna, life force, for spiritual and energetic body-building

2.Meditation and one pointed mind with a mantra; man to think with a sacred thought

3.Grounding, to the center of abundance, supply, and power of the earth


Why Meditate ?


The purpose of Meditation and Energetic Refinement is to cleanse, balance and harmonize your particles to become a great “conductor” and vessel to be more powerful and hold more divine energy and consciously purge stress and fatigue from the body. There cannot be Light without a vessel. This means that, although the Creator desires to share and give us everything (Light), we have to create a vessel to receive it.

The amount of Light we receive is proportional to the size of the vessel that we create. When you meditate or pray, you receive a down pouring of energy that is cleansing, rebuilding, refining, harmonizing and evolving you on all levels with your own essence.  This makes your vessel strong and powerful to manifest and bring you what you desire on an individual basis in addition to providing you more clarity and focus, discernment and efficiencies in your daily life.

Key Benefits and Effects of Meditation

Benefits of MeditationSleep Better

Clearer Mind, Clarity and focus, discernment

Less Stress, Mastery over stress, consider our sustainable energy building consultation

Boost creativity

Homeostatis of the nervous system

Overall vibrancy and wellbeing

Known to Improve cardiovascular health

Decreases stress, anxiety and depression

Create a feeling and sanctuary of self love, calmness and connection with self, nature, all that is.

How to Sleep Better ?

Meditation and a combination of the Blue Ocean Minerals will have significant effects to help YOU sleep better. Any experienced meditator at any level, can also truly experience the Blue Ocean Minerals nourishing their nervous system and connection, vibrant nature of these Ocean Minerals.

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