Discover One Powerful Technique to Enjoy the most Personal Power and Radiance in any situation – and learn How to Beat Burn-out quickly.

Most of us react negatively to stress, regularly placing our minds and bodies in distress. Few of us were born to transmute it with ease.  The good news is Transforming that Stress into Gold can be learned.  The even better news is that stress is NOT your enemy.

On the contrary …… Stress is articulate Feedback from the Universe nudging you toward the life you love; to a place where you are aligned with your truest, highest values; where your dreams and goals come to you.  Together, we will take that feedback from the Universe, and I will give you the tools to Start Your Transformation and Transmutation Now!

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What will it look like when you have transmuted that stress into gold?

  • You will have more energy.
  • You will be more efficient than you have ever been
  • Your priorities will be clear
  • Your time focused
  • Your time will be managed in a way that your work and personal life simply flow
  • Your goals more swiftly met
  • You will have more bliss in both your professional and home life.

So, yes, this is all grounded in reality.  And, yes, it’s also a pretty magical journey.

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Albert Einstein stated that “Everything Is Energy and That’s All There Is To It. Match the Frequency of the Reality You Want” …. It’s a muscle that you want to cultivate, build upon and train so that you can integrate your skills, talents and trades with that which brings you your truest joy, spirit and happiness. It’s actually why YOU’RE HERE at this time. Your Unique purpose is how you can express your Soul’s personality. Let me help guide you.


Don’t take my word for it, here’s what client’s are saying!…

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Aliky’s powerful coaching and facilitation on numerous occasions as she worked her magic, as I like to call it! I was dealing with a few stressful situations in my life and business a while back and Aliky tuned in to harmonise the energies within myself, others involved and the actual situations. I instantly felt more peace and each time the transformation unfolded in the most graceful way within hours. You know how they say that the miracles can show up when we get out of our own way?… lol.

~Tina Van Leuven, CEO, Inner Delight

Aliky is incredible. She has been instrumental in coaching me how to manage my stress that afflicts me personally and professionally.She understands the challenges that professional women face and knows how to jump into the issues. I am left in a mental state of bliss. This allows me to channel my inner power and have a sense of clarity to see things for what they are and not be clouded by stress. This work also makes my long term vision clearer on what my goals are and the path I am walking to reach those goals. The techniques can be applied to any situation and helps me in all aspects of my life.

~ Payal Sinha, CEO, Business Elements

Aliky has truly been instrumental for my growth in business,being a wife and a daughter. She has the ability to see things for me before I could see it for myself which has brought great peace but has also helped me take on opportunities that I was fearful of. Aliky was able to support, coach and be a guardian for myself and my family during the scariest phase of my life. My dad went through open heart surgery last year, she allowed me to feel peace and trust. Aliky was able to fight post operative infection and a left lung pneumothorax through remote coaching. True angelic powers in my opinion!

She is now guiding me through the next journey which is pregnancy. I feel so supported, loved and looked after. I have never felt so trusting!

~ Marilyn Costa Alves, Healthy Living by Marilyn

Aliky is amazing. She’s a great guide. I had an infected cist on my head and Aliky did some facilitation sitting beside me without touching me. I felt the area in my head sizzle, and that night the hair fell out in a circle the size of a 50c piece. The infection was gone. Bella, 12, had a terrible migraine with numbness in her hand and mouth.. Bella woke up fine the next day. A migraine would normally linger for 3 days. Aliky has also helped me with my 3 yr old. She went to bed full of snot and clearly sick with a bad cold. My daughter woke up with a completely clear nose. Unbelievable. I have also messaged Aliky seeking help with terrible nausea when at work and needing to stay at work. I felt the wave of help and the nausea go.

~ J.H, Engineer, Sydney

Thanks for the session with you. You have a huge impact on who I am and how I connect with my true potential. You are a real gift from God. xx

~ John S, Victoria

Thanks so much Aliky. I slept so well last night and today I felt like I wasn’t concentrating on my stress & worries so much. I was much calmer. xx

~ Danielle

Aliky intuitively understands the world of meditation, breath, energy, yoga and physical well-being. To that she’s added years of study and devotion. She is a genuine practitioner, scouring different techniques, listening to different gurus, understanding different approaches and reading about the science behind it all. She uses this wisdom wisely, knowing what will work with whom. Speaking from personal experience, Aliky knew what I’d be open to and would use those approaches to help me center and energize myself. It was always such a treat.

~Ashwini Gillen, Sales Executive, Twilio

Aliky is wonderful at understanding exactly what I need to destress and manage my daily stress level at my fast-paced job. She’s helped me understand how to handle things better and focus on taking better care of myself with her breathing techniques and her nutrition advice. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to minimize and manage stress in their life. She has a lot of experience and knowledge in the area as well as in depth nutritional advice to make small adjustments for a positive return of energy, a better lifestyle and overall better well being.

~ Liz Glazener, Title Officer

After our last session, Aliky assisted with not only removing prosperity blockage and alleviating so much financial stress, she also harmonized my living environment, therefore creating a supportive loving abundant home. Her power lies in assisting others with empowering them so they can receive the gifts of an abundant universe.

~Laylee Olfat, CEO, The Sacred Scents

Aliky was able to help me release some mental blocks that we’re keeping me feeling stuck! Aliky is very good at making you feel comfortable about moving through money blockages.

~ Alba Creales, Yoga Lifestylist

After I met with Aliky, I feel that my life has brought some positive change and I’m a lot happier. So I wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU. This whole experience has been a blessing and I’m at the moment overwhelmed with joy.I’m very grateful for everything. Thank you very very much.

~ Pam, National IT Manager


Receive Free Tips to Master Stress and Breakthrough Life from Aliky

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Your Information is 100% Secure And Will Never Be Shared With Anyone.